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Promote your business and encourage additional purchases with a credit voucher

Do you want to increase your customers' loyalty, encourage additional purchases or increase your company's brand awareness? This can be achieved with the help of a credit voucher. You can also use vouchers as part of your marketing strategy by persuading potential new customers to sign up for your newsletter. As a reward, you can offer them a credit voucher worth a specific amount.

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Advantages of Credit Vouchers

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Encourage additional purchases

  • Issuing a voucher when unable to deliver (on time) provides more financial security than refunding the money

  • You determine the conditions of your vouchers

How does it work?

Registration process

You can easily offer credit vouchers via Buckaroo. When the credit voucher is spent, all checks are performed by Buckaroo, such as determining the available balance and the validity of the payment solution. You specify the conditions for how the credit voucher is spent. The balance of the voucher can be retrieved via Buckaroo at any time. Refunding of this payment method is also supported. Management of the vouchers can be set up manually within Buckaroo Plaza or can be automated via a link to your own system.

Buckaroo, Intersolve or TCS

If you have your own branded gift card and you want your customers to be able to use the card online as well, you can arrange this with Buckaroo. This is possible if your gift card is connected to the Intersolve or TCS platform and if the gift card is only accepted in your physical shop.

Credit vouchers via Buckaroo

Buckaroo ensures that you don't have to worry about partial payments and failed payments, for example. The means of payment remains valid even if the purchase is not completed in full.

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