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PayPal is a global online system that consumers can use to make online purchases quickly, easily and securely. With this payment method, consumers can shop online with peace of mind as financial and personal data are always protected.

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Advantages of PayPal

  • Most popular online payment method worldwide

  • International support with 22 currencies

  • The customer can pay without entering bank or credit card details

  • Repeat payments possible

  • Seller protection

Seller protection

The seller is protected through PayPal's Seller Protection. In the event of an unauthorised payment or a customer claiming they never received their purchase (even though the product was shipped and delivered by the seller), you as a merchant are protected and the full amount is covered. This only applies when the transaction meets the requirements set by PayPal.

In addition, this payment method offers Buyer Protection to consumers. This service provides the assurance that if the product is not delivered or does not meet the seller's description, PayPal will refund the full amount.

Download the PayPal factsheet

Would you like all the information about PayPal in one convenient document? Then download the PayPal factsheet now.

PayPal Factsheet

Frequently asked questions

What is PayPal and why should I use it for my online shop?

PayPal is an online payment platform that allows you to pay securely online. It provides a convenient and trusted payment method for your customers, which can increase the conversion rate in your online shop.

How can I integrate PayPal in my online shop?

There are two methods:

  • You can integrate PayPal in your online shop by creating a PayPal account and implementing payment buttons or APIs;
  • Create a free account with Buckaroo and integrate your PayPal within Plaza.

Payments received will be transferred to your PayPal account.

Are there any costs for using PayPal in my online shop?

Yes, we charge €0.10 per successful transaction (in addition to the fees charged by PayPal).

What types of PayPal accounts are there and which one should I choose for my online shop?

PayPal offers personal and business accounts. For an online shop, a business account is usually the best choice, as it offers additional features designed specifically for businesses.

Does PayPal offer seller protection for my online shop?

Yes, PayPal offers seller protection that can protect your customers from certain fraudulent transactions in an online shop. However, it is important to understand the terms of this protection and comply with the requirements.

Can I use PayPal to accept international payments in my online shop?

Yes, PayPal supports international payments and offers currency exchange options. This makes it easy to sell and accept payments worldwide.

How can I handle returns and refunds via PayPal in my online shop?

You can manage returns and refunds via your PayPal account. Make sure you have a clear return policy and communicate it to your customers.

Is PayPal safe for your customers and your online shop?

PayPal is renowned for its security and fraud prevention. It provides buyer protection for customers and security features for sellers. It is a secure payment method for both you and your customers.

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  • Excellent customer service
    Help when you need it

  • Clear rates
    Only pay for successful transactions

  • 40+ popular payment methods
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