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At Buckaroo, you can choose from various payment methods and all the associated services and support. All transactions can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza. Here you can manage your payments and payment requests in real time.

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Online transaction costs

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are per transaction
  • The percentages (variable): are calculated over the gross volume
  • There may still be commission costs for certain payment methods
  • Different rates and conditions apply to charities
  • Different refund rates apply to credit cards, Apple Pay, Tinka and Trustly.
  • Payment per piece is possible. €0.02 on top of the transaction costs.
  • The rates are excl. VAT
  • The rates are subject to acceptance
  • Test transactions cost €0.03 per transaction (first 100 test transactions are free)
  • The refund rate for Vouchers is €0.25
  • The stated Klarna price (per transaction) does not include a €0.10 gateway fee per transaction.
  • In addition to fixed rates, PayPal, In3 and Gift Cards charge additional costs for the relevant payment method. Please contact us for more information.
  • The costs of Instand Refund are in addition to the costs of a Refund.

In-store transaction costs

When you purchase a Payment terminal from Buckaroo, you will be charged transaction fees in addition to your subscription.

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Transaction rates

Description Cost per Transaction
Debit transaction € 0.08
Refund transaction (debet) € 0.12
Visa/Mastercard Consumer 1.35%
Visa/Mastercard Business 2.30%
American Express 1.35%

*If your American Express sales exceed €100,000 per year, a rate of 2.30% applies to all sales in excess of €100,000.

Our subscription includes:

  • Service and support
    With Buckaroo, you can count on excellent service and support. Our team is always ready to help you if you have any questions or problems.

  • Revenue transferred free of charge every working day
    Every working day, we transfer your revenue at around 10:00, at no extra charge.

  • Software maintenance on your device

    To ensure that your terminal always works optimally, we provide the payment terminals with regular software maintenance and updates.

  • Transaction processing
    Buckaroo ensures fast and secure processing of your transactions, so you can continue to do business worry-free.

  • Next-business day replacement
    In the event of a faulty payment terminal, we offer an exchange guarantee. So you can get on with your payments again quickly.