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Pay by Bank, The alternative to iDEAL

Pay by Bank (PbB) is the new online payment method for e-commerce. The introduction is in response to the developments around iDEAL 2.0 and strong shifts in the payments market. With Pay by Bank, Buckaroo offers an alternative that allows online shops to shorten the checkout process by up to 25% without paying more for this. 

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Advantages of Pay by Bank

  • Fast and guaranteed payment method

  • Conversion-enhancing: shortens the payment process by up to 25%

  • A high recognition factor thanks to the display of familiar logos of Dutch banks at checkout

  • Efficient and intuitive: the most frequently used bank logos are put in front, and the consumer's preferred bank is remembered for subsequent payments

  • Coverage of 99% in the Dutch market

  • Contract and payout fully via Buckaroo

How does it work?

When customers pay with Pay by Bank, they click on their bank's logo, which automatically appears at the top of the payment page. They then complete the payment, with the secure and mandatory two-step verification, in their familiar banking app or banking environment.

By offering this solution, you shorten the payment process by two clicks. This lowers the threshold for completing a purchase. This ensures more purchases and more customer satisfaction.

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