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Research has shown that online shoppers order more easily and order much more when they can pay later. More than 7 million consumers and 5,000 online shops in the Netherlands use Riverty's 'Buy Now Pay Later' products. This payment method is also very popular in other European countries. Riverty is a payment method that is widely used in the e-commerce fashion industry.

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Advantages of Riverty

  • Fast onboarding and a single point of contact
  • Available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Finland
  • Manage all transactions and refunds from Buckaroo Plaza
  • Guaranteed payment

How does it work?

Offering pay-later methods such as Klarna, Billink and Riverty has the advantage that you are not dependent on the actual payment from the consumer. When the order is completed, Riverty performs a real-time risk check to determine whether the relevant consumer can pay the order amount later.

As soon as the order has been accepted (in more than 90% of cases), you as an online shop are guaranteed the payment of the order amount. On top of this, Riverty assumes the full risk of default (and even non-payment).

Activate pay later

Buckaroo is a partner and reseller of Riverty. This cooperation gives you the advantage of using pay later faster. The connection process, support and communication goes directly through Buckaroo.

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Would you like all the information about Riverty (Afterpay) in one convenient document? Then download the Bancontact factsheet now.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Riverty Afterpay and how does it work for my online shop?

Riverty Afterpay is a payment option for online shops that allows customers to buy products and pay later. It enables customers to receive their purchases before they pay, which can increase conversion. You can integrate this service into your online shop to offer this payment method.

What are the advantages of offering Riverty in my online shop?

Offering this form of payment can lead to higher conversions, as customers can order without paying immediately. The risk of default is minimal as Riverty manages the payment process and carries out assessments of customers' creditworthiness.

How do I integrate this payment solution into my online shop?

To accept Riverty, it must be activated within Buckaroo Plaza.. If you use the Buckaroo API, it will be added automatically. The latter depends on the online shop you use. If there is no plugin from Buckaroo for your online shop, you will need to add this via the online shop.

Is there a cost to accept Riverty?

There are no charges to accept Riverty within your online shop, only when actual payment is made. The fixed transaction fee for this is €0.90 and the variable part is 3.05% on the settled amount.

How can I ensure safety and security for my online shop?

Make sure you always follow Buckaroo's security guidelines when implementing (new) payment methods. This often includes securing payment data and following data protection best practices. Keep yourself informed about updates and changes in security protocols to ensure the security of your online shop.

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  • Excellent customer service
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  • 40+ other popular payment methods
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