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With Klarna, give customers the option to pay for purchases immediately (Pay now), up to 30 days after (Pay later) or spread over 60 days in three interest-free instalments (Pay in 3). Globally, 150 million shoppers use Klarna and more than 450 thousand online shops use the payment method.

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Get started with Klarna in 4 steps

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Receive payments

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Advantages of Klarna

  • The merchant is paid directly, Klarna takes over the entire financial risk

  • Payments are immediately visible in Buckaroo Plaza

  • Lowers thresholds thanks to a high conversion rate and payment guarantee

  • Around 90% acceptance through real-time credit check

  • Wide reach in Europe

  • One contract and payout via Buckaroo

Payment products

  • Pay now – With this product, you give customers the option to pay for their purchase immediately.
  • Pay later – Customers can shop first and pay for their purchase later (up to 30 days)
  • Pay in 3 – With this payment solution, customers shop the product immediately but can spread the purchase amount over 60 days and pay in three interest-free instalments

How does it work?

When placing a purchase through Klarna, consumers only need to enter top-of-mind details such as their first and last name and email address. This makes the payment experience in the check-out customer-friendly and seamless.

When the order is shipped, the online shop will inform the customer that the status of the order has changed, after which the customer will receive an email with the payment details and a link to the Klarna app for payment. Once the order has been received, consumers can decide whether to return the purchase (or part of the purchase). If the customer returns (part of) the order, the invoice will be adjusted. In the Klarna app, consumers also have the option to extend the payment deadline.

Frequently asked questions

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish financial technology company specialising in online payment solutions. They offer consumers the option to buy products and only pay for their purchase later. Klarna works with online retailers to offer seamless payment experiences.

How can I use it for my purchases?

To use Klarna, select this payment method in the online shop where you want to shop. They offer options such as “Pay later”, where you receive an invoice after receiving your purchase. You can also choose “Pay in instalments” to pay for your purchase in monthly instalments.

What are the benefits?

Klarna offers consumers flexible payment options, allowing them to receive their purchases before they pay. They also provide a quick and easy checkout experience in online shops. Moreover, Klarna offers buyers protection and a smooth return procedure.

Do I have to pay interest if I use Klarna?

If you choose to use “Pay later” and you pay your invoice on time, you will usually not be charged any interest charges. With “Pay in instalments”, there may be interest charges depending on the terms of the agreement. It is important to read the terms and conditions before agreeing.

Is Klarna safe to use?

Klarna takes security seriously and uses advanced security measures to protect personal and financial data. They also use encryption to secure sensitive information and have a fraud detection system.

Why should I offer Klarna in my online shop?

Pay later is a popular way to purchase, especially by young people. By offering this method, you will find that it increases conversions and therefore will gather more sales with your online shop.

Everything about Klarna in one handy overview?

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