Flexible and short-term borrowing with YouLend

As a business owner, you want to keep growing and are always looking for opportunities to do so. Sometimes, you are just lacking the capital in that moment to bring those dreamed plans to fruition.

This is why we offer small and medium-sized companies a flexible means of short-term borrowing. A solution that lends itself perfectly to SMEs. To offer this financing solution, we have partnered with YouLend. 

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Advantages of a loan from Buckaroo

  • A quick and easy way to borrow

  • Pay back as you earn more

  • Online insight into the repayment process

  • No hidden costs

  • Easy to renew 

When taking out a loan, you as a business owner always have to deal with a repayment plan. The great thing about a loan via Buckaroo is that the repayments are calibrated to your income. A month of fewer transactions? Then the repayment decreases accordingly. 

Companies can opt for financing with a flexible term. Repayment occurs automatically from part of the online payments collected via Buckaroo. Acceptance is partly determined on the basis of the existing payment flow. This often means that a loan can be granted more quickly.

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