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PayperEmail: Add a payment link or payment button to your email

PayperEmail is a payment product from Buckaroo. It allows you to send customers a payment request by email. You determine the text and formatting. We provide templates and a payment button or payment link that leads to a secure payment environment with various payment methods, including iDEAL.

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Get started with payment requests in 4 steps

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Install free plugins

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Provide details

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Receive payments

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Advantages of PayperEmail

  • Simple digitalisation of your invoicing process

  • Faster invoice payments thanks to ease of payment

  • Clear insight into paid and unpaid invoices

Get paid up to 50% faster

Send digital payment requests quickly and simply? Get invoices paid via email? This is possible with the Buckaroo PayperEmail solution. Through a digital payment request, you can ask customers to make a payment at any time. The digital payment request is easy to set up in your own house style. Furthermore, with Pay per Email, invoices can be paid up to 50% faster with a payment link or payment button.

Payment button or payment link

By clicking on the payment link or payment button, payment can be made directly in Buckaroo's secure payment environment. Your customers can easily pay with various (international) payment methods such as iDEAL, PayPal and credit cards. You choose which payment options the customer is offered.

Send via any channel

Send the payment request via Buckaroo, your own email programme or other channels. Email templates are available in several languages. It is also possible to include the invoice as an attachment or include the invoice lines and the invoice specification directly in the email. Another possibility is automatically sending a payment confirmation to your customer after successfully receiving the payment.   

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