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iDIN a fast and secure way to confirm identity 

Be able to log in easily and securely, identify customers online or check age when purchasing alcoholic beverages, for example. All this is possible with iDIN.

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Advantages of iDIN

  • Safe and easy online identification

  • Prevents customer frustration due to forgotten passwords and login names

  • Identification method complies with GDPR guidelines

  • Protects against identity fraud because banks have previously validated your identity

Do you want to offer customers a secure and user-friendly way of logging in and identifying themselves? Then iDIN is the solution for you. It allows customers to log in in the same way everywhere. By identifying themselves via their bank. This is similar to the way the customer logs into online banking. It also prevents customers from having to enter passwords and login codes every time. Useful if you sell products where age verification is mandatory, such as alcohol or festival tickets, for example. As a business owner, you can see if the buyer is indeed over 18 years old. Further private data such as date of birth, for example, is not supplied in age verification. 

How does it work?

  • On your website, the customer chooses to identify themselves with iDIN  
  • Customer selects their bank and then enters their own banking environment  
  • This is where the customer logs in just like online banking. 
  • The personal data that you want as a business owner is automatically filled in/shown to the customer  
  • The customer clicks agree and is immediately identified  

Everything about iDIN in one overview?

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