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IBAN Solution

IBAN Solution is a solution that allows you to use your own IBAN account number and specify the account name yourself. This allows customers to easily and quickly transfer money to your account when they make a purchase or want to pay an invoice from your company. Any payments that cannot be automatically linked by Buckaroo are directly available in the Buckaroo Payment Analyzer. Here, you can link the payments to the correct order yourself or invoice or refund them to your customer. IBAN Solution is accessible to all Buckaroo customers using SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Credit Transfer and refunds.

Create your own IBAN
IBAN solution Buckaroo

Your own IBAN account in 4 steps

Create account

An account is completely free, you only pay per transaction.

Install free plugins

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Provide details

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Receive payments

Payments on your website are now possible, good luck with your online shop!

IBAN Solution premium

In addition to the standard Buckaroo IBAN Solution, there is also the option of selecting the premium version. This allows you to use a personal Buckaroo account with your own name.

This ensures that customers see your company name on their bank statement instead of 'By Buckaroo' or 'Buckaroo Third Party's Account'. IBAN Solution Premium further increases recognition and reduces the risk of chargebacks.

Transaction costs

€ 0,05
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Advantages of IBAN Solution Premium

  • Less confusion or ambiguity about debits and refunds carried out by Buckaroo on behalf of your company.

  • No more reversals due to any direct debit blocks set up on the Buckaroo Third Party Account.

  • Payments that cannot be automatically matched arrive directly to your company's IBAN account. This makes it immediately clear who the payment is intended for.

  • You can process (reconcile) unmatched transfers yourself from the Plaza in the Payment Analyzer.

  • The company name no longer needs to be displayed in the transaction description for clarification.

IBAN Oplossing - Gratis versie - Standaard


🗸 Available for bank transfers (SCT) and refunds

🗸 Personal IBAN account number from Buckaroo

🗸 Transfers allocated automatically

🗸 Match or refund payments yourself with the Buckaroo Payment Analyzer


IBAN Oplossing - Premium versie - Meer mogelijkheden


€0,05 (Per transfer/debit/refund)

🗸 Available for SCT/SDD and refunds

🗸 IBAN account number with your own account name

🗸 Transfers allocated automatically

🗸 Match or refund payments yourself with the Buckaroo Payment Analyzer

🗸 No problems with direct debit blocks on Buckaroo Third Party Account

Would you like to know more about Buckaroo's IBAN solution? Download the factsheet

Would you like all the information about our IBAN solution in one convenient document? Then download the IBAN factsheet now.

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