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Secure credit transfers with SEPA Credit Transfer

SEPA Credit Transfer allows your customers to make online payments without distinguishing between domestic and cross-border payments to other SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) countries. This allows customers with both domestic and foreign bank accounts within Europe to pay quickly, easily and without a long transfer period.

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Advantages of SEPA Credit Transfer

  • Reach a large international customer base in one go

  • Guaranteed payment method

  • Safely process credit transfers from all over Europe

  • No more payment delays for foreign bank transfers

Safe and reliable

SEPA Credit Transfer is a guaranteed payment method. This means that transactions cannot be reversed by your customers. Unlike real-time payment methods such as iDEAL, where the customer pays immediately, a SEPA Credit Transfer transaction requires you to wait until it is approved.

Buckaroo can handle transfers both inside and outside Europe in EUR, GBP, USD, SEK, NOK, DKK and PLN. Buckaroo holds local bank accounts for transfers in most Western European countries. One advantage of this is that the transfer resembles a domestic transfer because money is transferred to a bank account in the same country. This creates more consumer confidence.

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