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Nexi, the Italian online payment method

Do you want to be successful online in Italy? Then it is important that you adjust the checkout accordingly. Nexi Payments, formerly known as CartaSi, is a payment product of the Italian bank. Some 53% of Italians pay with Nexi.

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Get started with Nexi in 4 steps

Create account

An account is completely free, you only pay per transaction.

Install free plugins

Consult the knowledge base or contact our support department.

Provide details

Additional details are required to complete your account.

Receive payments

Payments on your website are now possible, good luck with your online shop!

Advantages of Nexi

  • Italy's most popular credit card

  • Reach 13 million Italian online shoppers

  • Visa/Mastercard branded payment method

How does Nexi work?

Nexi is a Visa and Mastercard branded credit card that operates entirely according to the international schemes of these credit card companies. This also gives Nexi all the advantages of both brands in terms of ease of use, security and service. To give Italian customers an optimal payment experience, Nexi is a must-have payment method in your checkout.

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