Payment methods

Pay by email, QR or SMS with the iDEAL payment link

Besides offering iDEAL in your online shop, it is also possible to use this payment method for payments via a QR code, also better known as the iDEAL payment link. This can be done by including a payment link in an email or SMS that redirects the consumer to the payment page. This link also allows you to offer other payment methods such as credit card (Mastercard, Visa) or PayPal. Consumers can select their preferred payment method on the payment page.

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Receive payments

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Advantages of iDEAL Payment Link

  • Simple digitalisation of the invoicing process
  • Invoices are paid faster with a payment link
  • Fully customisable to your own look and feel
  • Can be used for payment reminders
  • Extensive payment reporting options

How does it work?

Personalise your payment request

The design of the email or SMS with the payment link can be formatted as you wish. Customers are happier to receive and pay a digital invoice or other payment request when they can recognise your company's familiar look and feel.

Read our customer case study of MAF Nederland

How do you recognise a secure payment link?

These days, it is difficult to distinguish between payment links from fraudsters and legitimate payment requests. Therefore, continue to proactively educate customers on how best to recognise secure payment links. Share when customers can expect your payment requests and what they look like. And make sure you are always recognisable as the sender.

Want to know more about iDEAL? Download the factsheet

Would you like all the information about iDEAL in one convenient document? Then download the factsheet now.

iDEAL Factsheet

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