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Reach 45 million German users with Giropay

Giropay is a German payment method and has a huge reach in Germany. This online payment system was developed by three German companies that together account for 80% of the market. Giropay allows customers to make payments via an online bank transfer. All this requires is the customer's online banking access details. As well as German customers, more and more consumers from Austria can also use this payment method.

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Advantages of Giropay

  • Guaranteed payment method

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  • Simple installation

  • Real-time insight into payments

Giropay is similar to Dutch iDeal

Giropay's payment process is similar to that of iDEAL in the Netherlands. Transactions cannot be reversed. Payment is made via the payer's own bank. So it is effectively just an online bank transfer initiated from a checkout. The payment can be completed by PIN or TAN code. Apart from being an online payment solution, Giropay can also be used as an identifier, to confirm age or account details, for example.

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