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Payconiq, online payments via QR and mobile phone

Payconiq is a payment method for the Belgian market that allows online and offline payments through QR code payments in shops, restaurants, online shops or at events. Customers do this by scanning the QR code via the Payconiq by Bancontact app or any other payment app that supports Payconiq. Payments are made directly from the Payconiq app linked to the consumer's bank account 

Transaction costs

€ 0,25
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Advantages of Payconiq

  • Offers guaranteed payment

  • Can be combined with a savings system

  • Also pay in-store via the POS system

How does Payconiq work?

At the touch of a button

Payconiq is a PSD2-based payment method that enables instant payments. It allows consumers to pay using their smartphones at the touch of a button. They scan the QR code and confirm the payment via the app.

Allow customers to make mobile payments

Thanks to the partnership between Buckaroo and Payconiq, you can quickly go live via direct links with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopware and Lightspeed. This allows customers to benefit from a seamless omnichannel payment method.

Everything about Payconiq in one overview?

Would you like all the information about Payconiq in one convenient document? Then download the factsheet now.

Payconiq Factsheet

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