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Expand abroad with Trustly, the European real-time bank transfer

Trustly is a European online real-time payment method for bank transfers. Apart from accepting payments, it is also possible to make payouts and gain insight into valuable user data. Thanks to easy activation and support for multiple currencies, you can effortlessly expand your business within and beyond Europe. More than 525 million customers in Europe, North America, South America and Australia use this payment method.

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Advantages of Trustly

  • No registration required for consumers

  • Wide reach (12 European countries)

  • Supports local currency

  • Direct payment method

How does it work?

Pay with Trustly

Trustly's process is similar to Sofort and consists of a few simple steps. In the checkout, the customer selects Trustly as the payment method, after which they can select their own bank. Within their own banking environment, the customer verifies the payment with an e-reader or a code (this depends on the customer's specific bank). The money is transferred and the customer is directed back to the payment page of the website or online shop where it is indicated whether the payment was successful or failed. Trustly is easy to activate and comes as standard in Buckaroo Smart Checkout.



Online and mobile payments

Thanks to Trustly, consumers from 12 European countries can easily checkout in your online shop. This applies to both online (desktop) and mobile (phone, tablet) payments. Paying via this payment method is a safe choice for customers. Trustly Group AB is an authorised Swedish payment institution supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen).

Everything about Trustly in one handy overview?

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