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- From October 20th 2023, this payment method will no longer be available for new merchants joining Buckaroo -

Sofort (formerly Sofortüberweisung) was acquired by Klarna in 2014. In 2017, the payment method was integrated into Klarna's product offering. Sofort (known as 'Pay now' in the Netherlands and Belgium) is a direct payment method of an international nature. Consumers from Germany and abroad can easily pay by bank transfer through their own online banking system. The payment method is similar to an online bank transfer, with instant confirmation that the transfer has been initiated by the consumer's bank. 

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Advantages of Sofort

  • Used by 12 million consumers

  • Available in 13 European countries

  • Secure payment thanks to TÜV certificate

  • Low transaction costs

  • Real-time transaction notifications

  • The best-known direct payment method in Germany

How does it work?

Sofort is a threshold-lowering payment method for customers that allows them to quickly and easily make payments for online purchases using online banking details. The payment method meets the highest security standards and protects sensitive (personal) data. It is important to note that although Sofort is a direct payment method, unlikeiDEAL it is not a guaranteed payment method.

Would you like to know more about Sofort? Download the factsheet

Would you like all the information about Sofort in one convenient document? Then download the Sofort factsheet now.

Sofort Factsheet

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