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Successful online business with PostePay in Italy

PostePay Standard and PostePay Evolution are well-known and popular payment methods in Italy managed by the Italian Post Office (Post Italiane). PostePay Standard is a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to make payments. In addition to making online payments, PostePay Evolution offers additional features including sending money and buying gift vouchers. Both cards are co-branded with Visa and Mastercard, allowing Italian consumers to pay securely and quickly at all times. With more than 19 million Standard and 5.4 million Evolution payment cards in circulation, PostePay is the most widely used payment method in Italy.

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Advantages of PostePay

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How does it work?

PostePay is a Visa and Mastercard branded prepaid card that operates under the credit card providers' international schemes. This means PostePay also enjoys all the benefits of both card brands in terms of ease of use, security and service. To use PostePay, money must first be deposited on the card before it can actually be used to make a purchase. Several variants of this are available through Buckaroo: PostePay Standard in combination with Visa and PostePay Evolution or Evolution Business in combination with Mastercard.

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