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Allow your customers to pay easily with iDEAL QR

iDEAL QR is a payment method that allows your customers to quickly and seamlessly make payments on their smartphones. Identifiers and scanners are not needed for this. Your customer logs in easily using their personal code from their trusted banking app or by using a fingerprint.

As a business owner, you can offer this payment method on invoices or in the checkout of your online shop. In addition, companies can offer iDEAL's QR solution in bus shelters or on collection boxes. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Advantages of iDEAL QR

  • Mobile payment with a reliable Dutch payment method
  • Pay with both iOS and Android smartphones and online banking
  • Generate QR codes automatically
  • Pay and donate quickly and easily
  • More than 10 affiliated Dutch banks

How does it work?

Scanning an iDEAL QR code prepares a payment order in the consumer's mobile banking app. To complete the transaction, the consumer approves with their fingerprint or a PIN. The iDEAL QR code can be recognised by the familiar pink iDEAL logo in the centre of the code.

Important: to make a payment, Triodos and Bunq customers scan the QR code with their phone's camera, a generic QR scanner app or with the free iDEAL app.

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