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The secure and customer-friendly Belfius payment button

More than 3 million Belgian consumers are customers of Belfius, a popular Belgian bank. Belfius has introduced a payment button through which the bank provides its customers with a safe and guaranteed payment method. Payments via the payment button are confirmed immediately and can also be made separately from the desktop using the Belfius Mobile app via mobile.

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Advantages of Belfius

  • Guaranteed payment

  • Reduced risk of errors through pre-populated payment details

  • Pay via both desktop and mobile

  • Real-time status feedback

How does Belfius work?

On the Belfius payment page, the consumer chooses 'Pay via Belfius Mobile' or 'Log in via Belfius Direct Net'. With Belfius Mobile, a QR code appears on the tablet or PC screen that can be scanned with the Belfius Mobile app. The consumer checks the payment details via the app and confirms the transaction.

With Belfius Direct, the consumer is presented with an online transfer form where all relevant details are already filled in. The account number must then be entered and the payment can be confirmed with a password.

Would you like to know more about Belfius? Download the factsheet

Would you like all the information about Belfius in one convenient document? Then download the factsheet now.

Belfius Factsheet

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