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American Express (also known as AMEX) is an American financial services company that is best known in Europe for issuing credit cards and travellers' cheques. With an American Express credit card, consumers pay the full outstanding amount they have spent on online purchases over the past period. For most purchases, payments are insured against damage, loss and theft for 240 days. As a payment provider, Buckaroo handles the direct processing of online credit card payments of this payment method.

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Advantages of American Express

  • International payment method with global reach

  • Extra safe thanks to American Express SafeKey (3D Secure)

  • Purchase Protection: if a product is stolen or accidentally damaged within 240 days of purchase, AMEX will reimburse the cost of replacement or repair

  • Return Protection: if you want to return the product within 90 days of purchase, but the online shop does not agree to it

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How does it work?

Consumers pay with an AMEX credit card in online shops, physical stores and restaurants. When making an online payment, the consumer is asked to provide information from the credit card, including the name on the card, the 16-digit credit card number and the month and year in which the payment card expires. The consumer confirms the online payment by entering the 3-digit CVC code. Nowadays, online purchases are even better protected thanks to the American Express SafeKey (also known as 3D Secure). When completing an online payment, AMEX sends one-time verification codes via email or SMS. In this way, SafeKey provides even better protection against fraud and abuse.

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