Let customers pay safely by email

Digital payment request by email

PayperEmail is a Buckaroo payment product. You can send your customers a payment request by email.  You decide which text and format to choose. We offer templates and a payment button or payment link that leads to a secure payment environment offering a selection of payment methods.

Get paid up to 50% faster

Want to send digital payment requests quick and easy? Want to get your bills paid by email? It’s all possible with our PayperEmail solution. By sending a digital payment request, you can ask customers to make a payment at any given time. You can easily customize the digital payment request in your own branding, for better identification. Moreover, your bill is paid up to 50% faster with PayperEmail.

Payment button or payment link

By clicking on the payment link or payment button, customers can pay directly in Buckaroo’s secure payment environment. Your customers can pay easily using various (international) payment methods such as iDeal, PayPal and credit cards.  It’s up to you which payment options you offer your customer. And it’s up to the customer to decide which option to choose. PayperEmail is extremely user-friendly and flexible.

The advantages of PayperEmail

  • Easy digitilisation of your billing process
  • Bills are paid faster because it’s easier to pay
  • Set up completely in your own branding
  • Templates can be set up in several languages
  • Clear overview of paid and unpaid bills
  • You decide which payment methods are offered

PayperEmail can be used for each scenario

The use of PayperEmail is versatile. Leading webshops use this product for postpay. Telecom providers use PayperEmail for subscription payments.  And charity organisations or foundations use it to send their requests for donation.

Save significantly on billing and collection costs

Not only do you save on costs by digitilising your billing process, but you can also save costs by using a fully automated digital follow-up of unpaid bills. Let Buckaroo’s Credit Management solution automate your debtor management.

Use Buckaroo or your own mailing program

Send your email using Buckaroo.  Or use your own mail program. Our email templates are available in several languages. It’s also possible to send the bill as an attachment or include billing lines and billing specification directly in the email. You can also send your customer an automated payment confirmation after successful payment.

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

See our client cases