Postepay - popular Italian payment method

Prepaid card branded by Visa and Mastercard.

What is Postepay?

Do you pursue online success in Italy? Then it is important to adjust your checkout accordingly. In this case, the Postepay payment method is indispensable. The payment brand of the Italian Post (Poste Italiane) is co-branded with Visa and Mastercard. With over 19 million Standard and 5.4 million Evolution cards in circulation, it is one of the most widely used payment methods in Italy. Paying by prepaid card is very popular among Italians.

How does PostePay work?

As Postepay is a Visa and Mastercard branded prepaid card, Postepay works according to the international schemes of these credit card brands. Therefore, Postepay also has the advantages of Visa and


Mastercard in terms of ease of use, security and service. Since it is a prepaid card, money must be deposited on the card prior to paying with it. The possibilities vary.

Postepay in your checkout
Postepay standard Visa branded prepaidcard

Postepay is available in different versions

  • Postepay Standard combined with Visa
  • Postepay Evolution or Evolution Business combined with Mastercard
  • Variants that are not linked to Visa or Mastercard. These cards are not supported by us.

Advantages of Postepay

  • Very popular prepaid card in Italy
  • Over 14 million Italian online shoppers
  • Visa/Mastercard branded payment method
Postepay Evolution debitcard MasterCard branded