KBC - Belgian direct (and postpay) payment method

Covers 20% of the Belgian market.

What is the KBC pay button?

The KBC/CBC bank is one of the largest banks in Belgium. With the KBC pay button, they offer an online payment method with which you can let your Belgian customers pay through their own bank account, also by using their mobile phone. The payment is made realtime, or directly, in the customer’s online banking environment. Approximately 20% of the online payments in Belgium is made with this payment method.


What makes KBC different from other popular Belgian payment methods Belfius or Bancontact? During checkout, postpayment is offered. The payment risk is covered by the bank. You as a merchant are paid directly.


How does the KBC pay button work?

KBC offers consumers the possibility to postpay the bill. Thus, your customer is offered extra flexibility. The customer pays directly or up to a maximum of two months after purchase. Postpay is offered when the total purchase amount is between 50 and 1,250 euro. You as an entrepreneur won’t notice the difference. For the amount due is paid out directly.

KBC in your checkout

Advantages of the KBC pay button

  • For B2C as well as B2B
  • Possibility for consumer to make post payments
  • KBC directly pays “post payments”
  • Online as well as mobile payments

Why the KBC pay button?

In order to be successful in Belgium, it is important to offer a complete range of payment methods. KBC covers 20% of the Belgian market and is therefore essential on your payment page. Want to offer a complete range of Belgian payment methods? Then check out Bancontact, Belfius and ING Home'Pay.