Online identification through the customers own banking environment

A fast and secure way of confirming identity

Identifying with iDIN

Easy and secure login or verifying customers age when purchasing alcoholic beverages online, for example. All this is possible with iDIN. It makes the login and payment process a smooth experience for your customers. This contributes to an optimal customer journey.


Does your company want to offer your customers a safe and user-friendly way of logging in and identifying? iDIN is then your solution.


Online safe and easy login with iDIN

Easy login with iDIN

Nowadays everyone has a large number of online accounts. Often with own login names and passwords. Imagine the frustration when you forget your credentials, right at the moment you want to shop online. With iDIN, you no longer have to deal with this problem. Your customer logs in the same way anywhere and everywhere. By identifying through his bank. Similar to logging in into your internet banking environment.


iDIN: the way of online identification

Your customers will no longer need a password if they can identify with iDIN. Not only this is a secure way of logging in, it is customer-friendly and also increases conversions. This is possible with the well-known and secure login method of your bank. In this way, your customer can take out insurance or mobile subscriptions for example or buy tickets in just a few steps.


  1. The customer chooses to identify with iDIN on you website
  2. The customer selects their bank and ends up in their own banking environment
  3. The customer logs in as known with internet banking
  4. Personal data you want as an entrepreneur are automatically filled in/ shown to the customer
  5. The customer approves and is identified immediately
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iDIN was most often used for reliable online identification in 2020 (63%). This amounted to 7.5 million iDIN transactions.

— Research by Currence (owner of iDIN)

Confirm age with iDIN safe and secure

Want to buy a beer? First confirm your age with iDIN

Do you sell products that require an online age verification? Think of alcoholic drinks, festival tickets or services. This can also be done securely and easily with iDIN. The customer only has to go through the same steps as for online identification. As an entrepreneur, iDIN will tell you whether the customer in question is indeed older than the age of 18. Further private data such as the date of birth will not be provided. Solely a clear "yes" or "no".


This way you will never sell to customers who are not yet allowed to make this purchase.

Advantages of iDIN

  • Online identification safely and easily
  • Prevents customer frustration due to forgotten passwords and login names
  • GDPR compliant since the identification method complies with the General Data Protection Regulation
  • No longer entering personal data
  • Protects against identity fraud through active fraud monitoring by banks
Advantages of iDIN

iDIN for your website?

Would you like to add iDIN in your payment proces? Or would you like to receive more information from one of our experts? Then request iDIN and we will help you along the way.


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