Credit Management Solutions

Improve your cash flow by the collection and follow-up of outstanding invoices

For a healthy cash flow

With Credit Management Solutions you automate the entire invoicing process. By collecting outstanding invoices on time, you are able to maintain in control of your debtors. In this way you save on administrative work and increase the collection rate. Indispensable for a financially healthy organization.


Credit Management Solutions can be used by any type of organization. It is widely used by Independent Software Vendors, SaaS solutions and Corporates.

Independent Software Vendor

Selling software containing a debtor management solution? If not, you can integrate our Credit Management Solutions white labeled in your own solution. In this way you have a complete debtor system without having to build it yourself.


Are you offering software on a subscription basis? If so, it may happen that one of your subscribers forgets to pay. With Credit Management Solutions you can easily send a payment reminder to keep your cash flow optimal.


Does your organization have a large accounts receivable department? With Credit Management Solutions, all your manual processes can be fully automated. This immediately saves you time, money and allows for a more efficient way of working.


You can easily submit your invoices to us. This can be done via an API integration as well as a manual upload. We then process these invoices immediately and provide you with real-time insight into your own Payment Plaza account.

  • Invoice specifications: create your own invoice lines and allow us to make an invoice specification. Process the download link through us or your own application.
  • Invoice management: view and manage your invoices real time in the Payment Plaza.
  • Batch API: easily upload and send all your outstanding invoices in one go as a batch from the Plaza.
  • Credit notes: reduce the outstanding invoice amount and combine this with refunds if necessary.
  • Reporting: real-time insight into your results thanks to our extensive reports. Where and whenever you like.


With Credit Management Solutions you can choose from a large number of payment options for processing and settling your invoices. Choose the fitting options for the needs of you and your customer. We ensure smooth execution of the payment.

  • Payment links: you can include these in a payment request and / or payment reminder to your customer.
  • Payments: create invoices and we directly process the payment by using your chosen payment method.
  • Recollect: whenever a direct debit fails, you can save time by allowing us to automatically make a new attempt. In this way you do not have to submit a new direct debit order.
  • Second chance: if a payment is unsuccessful or canceled for whatever reason, a "second chance" email can be automatically sent, with the possibility to include a QR-code. This gives your customer the option to pay again.


Easily create dunning schedules for the follow-up of unpaid invoices. Because every customer is different, it is important to use an approach that fits their customer profile and payment behavior.

  • Payment reminders: customize your payment requests to your wishes and send these via (e)mail, text message or QR-code.
  • Dunning flexibility: specify the time and / or day in the week on which dunning actions should take place. Do you want to undertake your own dunning actions? Create these in our dunning schemes.
  • Additional costs or cancellation: set your own administration costs if the customer pays too late or let us deactivate the subscription if payment is not made.
  • Payment plan: allow your customer more time to pay one or more invoices by means of partial payments. In the absence of payment, these invoices can be passed on to a collection agency.

Example of a Credit Management scheme

Credit Management schemes can be entirely customized to your desires
Credit Management schemes can be entirely customized to your desires




All-in transaction fee*


🗸 Subscription Management


🗸 Billing (including initiating of payment)


🗸 Payments (SDD & iDEAL)


🗸 Credit Management



All-in transaction fee*


🗸 Subscription Management


🗸 Billing (including sending of invoice)


🗸 Payments (SDD & iDEAL)


🗸 Credit management (including collection agencies)


Tailor made fee



🗸 Advice on best practices and implementation


🗸 Marketing exposure through Buckaroo


🗸 Subscription, billing, payment & credit management services integrated in systems

* The all-in rate applies to the following payment methods: SEPA Direct Debit, iDEAL, Bancontact and Bank Transfer.

Tailored advice?

Specialists in the field of Credit Management Solutions work at Buckaroo. Together we are happy to devise the payment strategy that suits your organization.

Markus Aardema

Markus Aardema

Specialist Split Payments

Call: +31 (0)6 - 83612606

Flip Roose

Flip Roose

Specialist Credit Management

Call: +31 (0)6 - 82 01 16 54

Swapfiets Debtor Services

Case: Swapfiets

A bike that’s ready for you 24/7. And that always works. Swapfiets is particularly popular in Dutch college towns. How do they ensure that payments are made on schedule? Simply by sending fun payment reminders.

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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Subscription Services

Our Credit Management Solutions are closely linked to our Subscriptions solution. This allows you to set up subscription models as efficiently as possible with a qualitative user experience for the subscriber.