Subscription Solutions

Process recurring payments easily and securely

Subscription Services Growth

Subscription-based business models are currently the fastest growing e-commerce models in Europe. Expectations are that this will only increase more over time and gain popularity. In subscription based services, it is all about building long-term customer relationships resulting in stable recurring income. So, no one-off sales.


Subscription services exist in the several forms: product-as-a-service, service subscriptions, recurring products and digital products. This global Subscription Commerce Economy has a compound annual growth rate of 17.33% over the past five years.


Buckaroo offers support in the financial process by offering the Smart Subscription Solutions. This solution allows for efficiently setting up subscription models while considering and optimizing a high-quality user experience for the subscriber.


Use products without owning them, for example: a bike, washing machine or car (lease).

Service subscriptions

Access to a service, such as: phone plans, insurances or utilities.

Recurring products

Receive products on a frequent basis, for instance: box subscriptions, flowers & cosmetics.

Digital products

Digital content used on a device, like: video-on-demand, e-Learning & online workouts.

Our Subscription Solutions:

Buckaroo Smart Subscription Solutions supports all subscription types. From simple subscriptions up to complex structures with possibilities for premiums or add-on's. Buckaroo handles the entire financial process, from registration to upgrade.


Payments go through Buckaroo and can be viewed real-time at all times. The payment software matches incoming payments to the correct subscriptions. The subscriber has the possibility to pay with credit card, PayPal, iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort or direct debit.


What happens when the payment was not successful? This is directly visible. By using the credit management solution, subscribers can be reminded and an alternative payment request can be send.



  • Subscription management
    Register all subscription and pricing or installment plans. Also manage subscriptions for customer accounts in: starting, adjusting (e.g. pausing), or stopping a subscription. 
  • Billing 
    Create invoices based on subscription plans with pricing, payment schedules and customer accounts. With these invoice lines, payment is triggered and the invoice is sent to the customer.
  • Payments 
    Process payments through the preferred payment method of the customer, for example iDEAL or Creditcard. Buckaroo links the correct payment to the outstanding invoice (reconciliation).
  • Reminders
    Has a subscription not (yet) been paid? Our automated credit management process offers the possibility to reach out to a customer regarding an outstanding amount. This payment request or reminder could be sent via several communication channels with several payment methods. It is optional to hand over the outstanding amount to a collection agency.




All-in transaction fee*


🗸 Subscription Management


🗸 Billing (including initiating of payment)


🗸 Payments (SDD & iDEAL)


🗸 Credit Management Solutions



All-in transaction fee*


🗸 Subscription Management


🗸 Billing (including sending of invoice)


🗸 Payments (SDD & iDEAL)


🗸 Credit Management Solutions (including collection agencies)


Tailor made fee



🗸 Advice on best practices and implementation


🗸 Marketing exposure through Buckaroo


🗸 Subscription, billing, payment & credit management services integrated in systems

All your subscribers and subscriptions in one overview

The current processes for subscription payment processing are often manual and time-consuming. The process of adding new subscribers or deleting existing subscribers can also be simplified and made more user-friendly.


You can find all your subscriptions and matching bills in Buckaroo’s back-end system. By using different filters, you can easily make a selection. Modify the subscription. Check the payment status or subscription choice. You can also check the date of subscription, which payments have been made of whether there’s a delay in payment.

All payments simply seen in one overview within the Buckaroo Plaza

Subscription Solutions Steps

  1. Create a subscription.  Add a name and description.
  2. Billing schedule.  Choose your billing period (monthly/weekly, etc.).
  3. Non-recurring costs (optional). Create a setup fee.
  4. Recurring costs. Determine your subscription price.
  5. All done. Or create a new subscription.

The advantages of Subscription Solutions

  • Fully automated billing process for subscriptions
  • Reports at customer level
  • Create and send your bill by email, text message or QR-Code
  • Invoice is followed up by Credit Management
  • Get a grip on delayed payments

Tailored advice?

Specialists in the field of subscription services work at Buckaroo. Together we are happy to devise the payment strategy that suits your organization.

Markus Aardema

Markus Aardema

Specialist Split Payments

Call: +31 (0)6 - 83612606

Flip Roose

Flip Roose

Specialist Credit Management

Call: +31 (0)6 - 82 01 16 54

Credit Management Solutions

Our Subscription Solutions are closely related to our Credit Management Solutions. The solution allows you to be in control of your debtor management by collecting outstanding invoice in time. This helps you save time in administrative work and increases the collection rate. Indispensable for a healthy cash flow. 

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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