Maestro - secure European payment method

MasterCard’s debit card

What is Maestro?

Maestro is Mastercard’s SEPA debit card. It’s a debit card that can be prepaid and allows comsumers within Europe to make (online) purchases. Similar to iDEAL, Maestro payments are guaranteed payments that cannot be reversed by consumers. It is a safe and practical payment method.


Just like with MasterCard, the security protocol MasterCard SecureCode offers additional security protection. This enhances the customer experience. Moreover, by offering Maestro, you can attract international customers more easily.


How does Maestro work?

In order to pay with Maestro, the consumer submits his or her card details, card number and expiry date. The payment is confirmed by means of an identifier and a unique transaction code. The account balance is always checked.


The debit card has already been active in Belgium for a long time and a large segment of Belgian consumers uses this payment method. It is also increasingly popular amongst British, Spanish and Austrian card holders.

Maestro debit card for your webshop

Advantages of Maestro

  1. A guaranteed payment method
  2. Secure payments via MasterCard Security
  3. Payment process is similar to a credit card payment

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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