Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank or DNB)

As a payment service provider, we have obtained a PSD (Payment Service Directive) licence, granted by the Dutch Central Bank. Buckaroo is listed in the register of payment institutions of the Dutch Central Bank.


De Nederlandsche Bank

iDEAL licence holder and acquirer

Buckaroo is the largest non-banking processor of iDEAL transactions. In order to be allowed to process these transactions, it is necessary to obtain an iDEAL licence, granted by Currence. This licence is strictly supervised and is monitored every three years, having to meet a wide range of requirements.

Not only has Buckaroo obtained an iDEAL licence, we’re also an iDEAL acquirer. Thus, we can act as direct contracting party  in order to receive iDEAL payments. The Currence website contains an up-to-date overview of the licence holders, certificate holders and acquiring parties, in which Buckaroo is also listed.

PCI Security Standards

Each Merchant and Payment Service Provider that accepts credit card transactions, has to meet the  PCI Data Security safety standards required by the major credit card companies. Each year, Buckaroo is audited for the purpose of monitoring compliance with these standards. Needless to say, Buckaroo meets the most onerous security requirements. Check out Buckaroo’s PCI status yourself.

General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)

Buckaroo complies with the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (General Data Protection Regulation). We only use data that allow us to facilitate and process payments. In principle, Buckaroo does not store any other data than the data we need to process a payment, and these data are retained for as little time as is strictly necessary.

Thuiswinkel.org businesspartner

Buckaroo has been a registered business partner of trade association Thuiswinkel.org for many years now. This means Buckaroo has accepted conditions with regard to the reliability of Buckaroo’s service, dealing fairly with customers and customer questions, and not accepting webshops that do not comply with the rules and regulations.

VBIN membership

Buckaroo is a member of VBIN (Verenigde Betaal Instellingen Nederland), the Dutch Association of non-bank Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions. The VBIN is considered as the advocacy platform within the sector. The members joined forces in order to react to possible developments that could have an impact on the future of Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions.


Goede Doelen Nederland

In recent years, we’ve developed an extensive network of parties that support charities directly or indirectly. Since 2012, Buckaroo has partnered up with Goede Doelen Nederland. We draw on our expertise and skills to assist their members in organizing or expanding their fundraising activities.

Responsible Disclosure Policy

Have you discovered a weak spot in an ICT system of the Buckaroo website? Report this vulnerability to us via security@buckaroo.nl So that we can take measures as soon as possible. Use our public PGP key to send sensitive information.