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Buckaroo and Mobility

From upgrading your ticket, renting a scooter, to renting a bicycle on a subscription basis. The mobility industry is in full swing, partly reinforced by social changes, such as the sharing economy. Especially in the cities, people do not own a car, bicycle or scooter, but rent one.


Buckaroo's payment solutions make it possible to process all incoming payments easily and securely. You choose which payment methods your customer can use to pay and in which way: directly, afterwards or on a subscription basis.



The most requested payment methods:

  • Payment methods such as direct debit, iDEAL and credit card
  • Mobile payments/ in-app payments
  • Subscription Solutions
  • Smart Checkout in your own corporate design

Mobility As A Service

Whether you own or use a product. Two variants can be distinguished here. The consumer pays per use or per period. An example of pay-per-use is in line with the current sharing economy. For example, a scooter, motorcycle or car can be used by several users on the same day. The customer often pays in the app, in other words in-app payments. The payment can be done directly, or afterwards via direct debit.


The second form of Mobility As A Service is having a means of transport on a subscription basis. The subscription costs are debited monthly and the consumer can make non-stop (or limited) use of the means of transport. A sharing subscription is also possible, whereby consumers share their own car with others for a fee.


Buckaroo has a solution for all these new revenue models, with associated inflows and outflows. Not only do we take care of the transactions, but we also set up different flows per target group, flexibly upgrade, pause and stop subscriptions and automatically send payment reminders by email or SMS.


Buckaroo handles the payment process for Swapfiets, Shuttel  and Wego Carsharing, among others. Varying from Subscription Services to Credit Management.

Swapfiets: a bicycle on a subscription basis including service and maintenance
Swapfiets: a bicycle on a subscription basis including service and maintenance
In-app paying for parking via Yellowbrick
In-app paying for parking via Yellowbrick

Collecting parking fees and parking fees

A visit to the city and having to pay for parking. Fortunately, as a driver you no longer have to walk to payment terminals. There are services with which the parking meter starts running from an app. The parking costs are then automatically debited from the bank account. In order to do so, the user must register with bank account and direct debit authorization. Buckaroo can effortlessly integrate this underlying payment service into your app.

Buckaroo can help not only with parking. We also support numerous companies with the payment of, for example, standing, mooring and harbor fees for boats and caravans/campers. This can also be done via an in-app payment, a subscription or a regular payment request by email.


In this area Buckaroo serves, among others, Yellowbrick, Parkos, P1 Parking, Parkeergemak and Portpay International.

Public transport

Hundreds of thousands of people use public transport every day. Until a few years ago they still bought a paper train ticket or even ticket strips. Now you can easily buy your ticket online with, for example, iDEAL or credit card. In addition, you can also add credit to your ticket online or simply have it done via direct debit.


Buckaroo handles the payment process for, among others, NS, Arriva, QBuzz and Translink/OV chip card.

NS tickets or purchasing credit via Buckaroo
Road assistance subscription via FietsNed

Service costs and maintenance subscriptions

A car with a breakdown? A bike with a flat tire? Lost your key? Fortunately, there is such a thing as roadside assistance. You can pay per service or via a maintenance contract. Or maybe you want to offer your customers a free warranty subscription, Buckaroo can help you with debtor management.

For example, Buckaroo processes the payments and subscriptions of FietsNed. You can select and buy the desired parts from them via their website. They then come to assemble it on location and offer various subscription models for breakdown assistance.

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

See our client cases