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Your online payment strategy

Your online payment strategy

From start-up and roll-out to absolute perfection

Although many businesses do spend time and effort digitising their payment strategy, it’s not always their top priority. Some might even wonder: isn’t facilitating payment with iDEAL, debit card and cash sufficient enough?

Whitepaper towards an online marketplace preview

Towards an online marketplace

Do's and Don'ts when starting an online marketplace

How profitable is an online marketplace? Should you open your marketplaces to third parties? What do you have to take into account as an entrepreneur? How do you automate your payment transactions with Split-Payments?

Whitepaper Customer Journey

Customer Journey

From orientation to payment


Even a customer who has already filled his shopping cart and is about to pay can still drop out in the sight of the finish. You can read how to prevent this in this white paper.

The Subscription Economy whitepaper

The Subscription Economy

From product to service


The so-called Subscription Economy revolves around services that respond to the needs of today's consumer: Subscription Services. Is this revenue model for everyone?

The ideal payment strategy

To win and retain customers for you


Pay with your mobile, the subscription economy, use data to get paid faster; the world of the payment market is quite upside down. Do you not want to lose the battle with the competition? Then take a closer look at your payment strategy today.

Whitepaper B2B payment strategy

B2B Payment Strategy

Everything about the payment process in B2B e-commerce


Do companies also pay with iDEAL? What is your certainty about payment in arrears if you do not know the customer (yet)? And what do you do with unpaid invoices? At the moment there you can choice over 40 payment methods. To find out which payment method is most suitable for B2B payments, we asked the experts themselves.

How to make the most of recurring payments

Optimize your cash flow with subscriptions and recurring payments


The popularity of earning models based on subscriptions is very understandable: subscribers ensure recurring income and a stable turnover. Nevertheless, the question remains in the boardroom: how can you implement this new business model in practice?

Payments in online fashion

Research, data and new payment methods


In this white paper you can read about the most popular and latest payment methods for fashion web shops, such as Apple Pay, AliPay and Payconiq. You will also learn more about new business models (subscription economy). And shows research what postpay for your checkout, conversion and returns does.