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About Fleurop

In 1999, Fleurop was one of the first businesses to start a webshop. Nowadays, their unique distribution network of local florists enables them to offer ultrafast delivery of flowers all over the world.

How do you order a flower bouquet in Paris? And have it delivered in Berlin the very same day? That’s what the founder of Fleurop was trying to figure out back in 1921. This subsequently resulted in the creation of an international network of local professional florists who were able to communicate the clients’ wishes to one another. Almost a century later, over 40,000 florists from over 140 countries are connected to Fleurop.


Fleurop online payment

Online payment, same-day-delivery

You can order a bouquet online on Fleurop.nl, but it’s also possible to order one via a local florist. Offline orders are often placed via Fleurop’s (payment) system as well.

Flowers ordered on workdays before 2 pm will be delivered that very same day. ‘In order to guarantee this same-day-delivery service, a properly functioning fast payment system is of the essence’, says Leonie van Zante, responsible for online marketing and ecommerce at Fleurop Interflora.

iDEAL but also American Express

National and international
Fleurop offers a wide range of payment methods. Online payments can for example be made with iDEAL, PayPal and credit card. Because orders can also be placed from abroad, checkout also includes international payment methods: American Express en Maestro.


Gift cards
In addition, Fleurop has issued its very own gift card: the Fleurop Bloemenbon. This gift card can be used online as well as at a local Fleurop florist. You can also pay for a bouquet with other gift cards, such as the VVV gift card.


Fleurop has started using AfterPay | Riverty since 2018. This payment method is often preferred by businesses.


Mobile payment
Omnichannel Payconiq offers a new way to pay.

Fleurop bloemenbon

"Since we offer our clients a wide range of payment methods, it’s convenient to have one single Payment Service Provider. Thus, we’re offered a clear overview of all transactions, which creates a pleasant work flow."

— Fleurop

Fleurop payment service provider Buckaroo

Carefree payments guaranteed

Fleurope is a large international business with multiple platforms, various providers and a load of orders.

"Having so many orders, platforms and other variables, we at Fleurop needed a reliable Payment Service Provider that guarantees carefree payments. Buckaroo has proved itself to be a trusted Payment Service Provider."

— Leonie van Zante, e-commerce Fleurop Interflora



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Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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