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Such as fashioncheque, VVV Giftcard or the Webshop Giftcard.

What are gift cards?

In recent years, the revenue from gift cards has increased significantly in the Netherlands. This increase is directly related to the customer’s desire to select an appropriate gift whenever it suits him/her. With Buckaroo, you can accept popular gift cards quickly and easily as a payment method in your webshop. Such as the fashioncheque, VVV Giftcard or the Webshop Giftcard.

How does paying with a gift card work?

The consumer selects the product in the webshop and follows the regular order process. During checkout, the consumer selects the option to pay with a gift card. If the gift card balance is not sufficient, the customer is notified immediately. The remaining amount can be paid with a different payment method. Consumers can also pay with a second gift card (with sufficient balance). It doesn’t matter if this is a gift card of the same brand or a different type of gift card, as long as they’re both accepted by the webshop.

Example: online payment with a VVV gift card.
Example: online payment with a VVV gift card.
Popular gift cards integrated in one single environment

Advantages of gift cards via Buckaroo

  • New customers in your webshop
  • Direct link via plugin with various gift cards
  • All gift card transaction in one overview
  • Part payments via gift cards are also possible

Popular gift cards integrated in one single environment

Choosing to accept gift cards via Buckaroo doesn’t mean you have to maintain different systems. All transactions that are processed via Buckaroo are registered in one single environment. As far as gift card payments are concerned, Buckaroo uses a processing model, which means that these transactions are listed in the transaction overview. You receive direct payment from the business that issued the gift card.

✂ Partial payments
Buckaroo facilitates the possibility to make part payments and covers double payments and failed payments. This provides assurance that the gift card remains valid in case the purchase process is aborted, which makes it a userfriendly process for consumers.

🔌 Automatic via plug-in

We cover all possible risks involved in the payment with gift cards. Thus, quick and easy implementaton is possible. The gift cards payment method is a generic payment method in the Buckaroo link and is included in for example the Magento plug-in. Thus, you can accept an extra gift card or different type of gift card at any given moment and offer them to your customers.

🖳  Registration process

In order to offer a wide range of gift cards, Buckaroo is connected to several gift card platforms, such as Intersolve and TCS. Because we’re connected to these large platforms, Buckaroo can carry out all verifications realtime when the gift card is used. Such as checking the available balance on the gift card and the expiry date. After receiving your request, Buckaroo will take care of your registration at the concerning gift card platform. With regard to the Boekenbon and VVV Giftcard, direct registration at the gift card is required.



Create your very own gift card? No problem.