Buckaroo Payment Plaza

Get instant access to and control of your payment transactions

Real-time insight in payment status

The Payment Plaza is Buckaroo’s secured financial back office system. As a customer, you get your own login and password. Within your personal and protected account, you can check the status of transactions. You can also take (follow-up) action, such as make a refund or create a recurring payment.  You get real-time insight in your debtor management. You can also export detailed information and reports.


Curious about all the possibilities our backend software has to offer?

Buckaroo Payment Plaza

What does Payment Plaza have to offer?

  • Management dashboard with the most important KPIs and trends
  • Real-time insight into the status of each transaction and bill
  • Debtor management for bills and subscriptions
  • Payment requests and reminders in your own look and feel
  • History of all transaction during a specified period
  • Clear display of all payment methods in just one system