Is Buckaroo or St. Derdengelden Buckaroo mentioned on your bank statement?

Did you make an online purchase, pay with direct debit or make a donation, and is Buckaroo Stichting Derdengelden mentioned on your bank statement? Then our Buckaroo payment monitor can provide more information about  the payment. Buckaroo is an offical payment institution that takes care of the payment transactions of over 5,000 businesses. Fill in the appropriate data of your payment in the payment monitor and get direct access to the status of the payment or the debit from your account.


When an online payment is made on the account of a Buckaroo customer, the money is first put on a bank account of the foundation Derdengelden Buckaroo. Regarding the payment concerned, the following information will be mentioned on your bank statement:


KN: 128379
061234567821234567 02-02-11 15:47
Order number 1828541
Buckaroo bv regarding (name of webshop)


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