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Buckaroo works with e-commerce partners: technical integrators, web builders, digital agencies, web agencies and other strategic parties. To make the e-commerce chain run as smoothly as possible, we like to work together towards the same goal: making sure the customer can grow.

Partner with Buckaroo

What does that mean?

Being a partner of Buckaroo is at least as important as being a customer of Buckaroo, because only together will you get further. It's about co-creation, an integration of each other's services. Partnerships are based on trust in each other's expertise. We understand that payment sometimes seems like a homogeneous commodity. But partnerships can make the difference. Because when you connect everything together it gives the most positive outcome for the merchant. You can always rely on a good payment partner after all.

Partnership with Buckaroo

Benefits of a partnership with Buckaroo

  • Free use of our always up-to-date eCom Plugins
  • 24/7 in-house support and assistance with integrations
  • More than 40 payment methods to choose from: from credit card to post-payment
  • 1 contract for all payment methods, 1 onboarding and 1 central point of contact
  • An in-house partner manager for payment advice and who will help you and the client get the most out of the payment strategy
  • Searching together for the best solution for the customer, even if this means that new functions or deviating procedures are involved, because it is not always one-package-fits-all
  • Opportunity to launch marketing activities together: white papers, customer cases, webinars or events

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Rens Gerritsen

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Bart van Wijk

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