SEPA Direct Debit - for European bank transfers

Processing direct debits

What is SEPA Direct Debit?

With the payment method SEPA Direct Debit you can collect funds from any euro account. In order to be able to collect money, you need a SEPA authorisation. There are one-off and recurring direct debits. Such as a recurring direct debit for membership fees or subscription fees.


The bank can provide SEPA Direct Debit directly, but customers often choose Buckaroo as a provider, combining SEPA Direct Debit with Credit Management. Thus, customers can improve debtor management and manage failed direct debit attempts.


What is typical for this payment method is that is an easy and trusted payment method for consumers. And it allows merchants to collect the amount due themselves. SEPA Direct Debit is mostly used for subscription services, streaming services and the (one-off) payments of small amounts.

How does SEPA Direct Debit work?

Processing SEPA Direct Debits through our system is easy and can be done in several ways. You can, for example, ask for the bank account number directly and make a SEPA Direct Debit transaction or start an iDEAL transaction. This iDEAL transaction Based on these data, recurring direct debit transactions can be made.

SEPA Direct Debit checkout

SEPA authorisation

Now that digital direct debit authorisation has been introduced, it is no longer necessary to process a first iDEAL transaction in order to verify the bank account number. There’s direct online authentication and in addition to the bank account number, you are also reassured that there’s no direct debit blockage and no risk of Melding Onterecht Incasso (MOI or Report Unjustified Direct Debit).


Do you have a direct debit payment agreement from your business client? Then we can also process B2B SEPA Direct Debit payments.

SEPA Direct Debit

Advantages of SEPA Direct Debit

  • One-off and recurring SEPA Direct Debits
  • Process direct debits from all over Europe
  • Refunds and credit notes are possible
  • Can be combined with e-Mandate (authorisation)

High collection rate thanks to Credit Management

With the intelligent Credit Management system, you can fully automate the follow-up of SEPA Direct Debits. Create your own payment and reminder scheme. Recurring direct debits are possible, but also other payment requests such as an iDEAL payment link.

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