Digital direct debit authorisation

Automate your mandate management and direct debits.

Digital direct debit authorisation

How does it work?

Collecting payment from a client account without permission is prohibited. Luckily, digital permission can be granted quite easily by using an e-mandate. Identified by the pencil symbol in purple and green. During checkout, payers can grant your business digital direct debit authorisation within their own online bank environment.

A direct debit authorisation has to be officially requested and saved.  Would you rather not manage this yourself? Then Buckaroo is more than happy to relieve you of this task. In order to be able to collect payment, each payment collection request to the bank has to be accompanied by the mandate reference. You have to provide a clear reference, such as the membership number.

Buckaroo takes care of the entire mandate management, from digital direct debit authorisation to successful payment collection. For casual as well periodic direct debits. It is also possible to manage this yourself and to just use digital direct debit authorisation during checkout.

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Advantages of digital direct debit authorisation

  • Online customer authentication
  • Legal permission for debt collection
  • No need for your own e-mandate administration
  • Reduces the risk of chargebacks
  • For both new and existing direct debit collection processes
  • Account number is always correct thanks to bank verification
  • Instant check whether there’s a possible direct debit blocking
  • Easy implementation
  • Use seperately or combined with SEPA Direct Debit
  • Fully automated mandate management