AfterPay | Riverty - the most popular postpay payment method

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What is AfterPay | Riverty?

Over 4 million unique customers in the Netherlands use AfterPay | Rivertyy, but the payment method is also active in Belgium, Germany and other euro countries. The payment method is particularly popular in ecommerce and is best respresented in the fashion industry. Research has shown that online shoppers pay more easily and order more when they are offered postpay as a payment method.


New! Paying with AfterPay | Riverty is now also available for marketplaces. Make shopping at a marketplace even more accessible with AfterPay | Riverty in the checkout.

How does AfterPay | Riverty work?

One of the advantages of offering postpay as a payment method is that you’re not restricted by the time of payment. When the order is finalized, AfterPay | Riverty carries out a realtime risk assessment. Thus AfterPay | Riverty determines whether the consumer is allowed to postpay the order amount. As soon as the order is accepted ‒ which happens in over 90% of all cases ‒ your webshop is offered guaranteed payment of the order amount.


AfterPay | Riverty bears the complete risk of default (and even non-payment) by the customer and offers guaranteed payment.

AfterPay via Buckaroo
AfterPay | Riverty in your webshop

Advantages of AfterPay | Riverty via Buckaroo

  • Quick and clear. Fast onboarding and one single contact point. Buckaroo takes care of your AfterPay | Riverty connection and has all the knowledge needed.
  • Abroad. AfterPay | Riverty is available via Buckaroo in 5 European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Finland.
  • Overview of all payments. Manage all transactions and refunds from one single back-end: the Buckaroo Plaza.

Activate AfterPay | Riverty

Buckaroo is an AfterPay | Riverty partner and reseller. This cooperation has the advantage that webshops can offer postpay as a payment method faster. Buckaroo takes care of the connection process, support and communication.