CreditClick - payment in installments on credit

Offer your customers postponement of payment

What is CreditClick?

With payment on credit, CreditClick offers a solution for online shoppers who refrain from buying a product because they don’t have enough budget. Or simply because they do not want to pay for their major purchase in one go. With CreditClick, they can pay the amount (in installments) at their own pace.

How does payment in installments with CreditClick work?

Payment in installments with CreditClick is easy. After having selected the product, the customer selects payment in installments via CreditClick during checkout.

If the customer is using CreditClick for the first time, a short registration needs to be completed during which the payer fills in his contact data and financial data. The consumer will find out immediately whether credit is approved and can make a purchase without any further delay. The consumer only pays interest on the amount borrowed and only for the duration of the loan.

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Benefits of CreditClick in your online store:

  • Reach an entirely new target group
  • Online stores only pay a transaction fee, no commission
  • Guaranteed payment, no chargeback, payment fully guaranteed
  • Payments are displayed directly in the Buckaroo Plaza
CreditClick registration process for consumer during first use
CreditClick registration process for consumer during first use

For which online stores is payment in installments via CreditClick interesting?

CreditClick is mostly interesting for online stores selling higher value products. If consumers are about to make a major purchase, they can decide to not pay for it in one go but in installments.

Want to link payment in installments via CreditClick to your checkout?

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Inspiring cases

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