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Think big, we grow with you

Buckaroo provides payment solutions for thousands of businesses. Our
payment products are suitable for businesses in any growth phase.

Whether you are just starting out or ready for advanced payment solutions.
Buckaroo grows with you and advises you every step of the way.

Online payments

Let your customers pay the way they want, so you never miss out on sales.

In-store payments

Buy, rent or lease a payment terminal for your physical shop.


Have your recurring payments handled automatically.

Credit management

Total simplification of your debtor management.

Highest quality for the lowest price


  • Buy, rent & lease options

  • Payment terminals with the latest technology

  • Delivered superfast & ready to use via PostNL


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Buckaroo Product Cloud

Ready for the next step?

Is your organisation ready for the next step in its payment strategy? Then start getting to know our advanced payment solutions.

  • Debtor management
    Customer-friendly sending, collecting and follow-up of outstanding invoices with payment reminders.

  • Subscriptions
    A complete solution for organizing recurring payments..

  • Split-payments
    A suitable payment solution for platforms and marketplaces.

  • Customized payment solutions
    Buckaroo also develops payment solutions fully customised to your organisation's processes.

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Inspiring customers

Convenience is the basis of good service. Discover the power of extensive subscription options.

A higher collection percentage due to creative payment reminders for a bike subscription.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started with Buckaroo?

Getting started with Buckaroo is very simple. Create a free account via this website. You will automatically gain access to Buckaroo Payment Plaza, the platform where you can view and manage all payments.

Then you need to install the Buckaroo plugin in your website, provide important details about the company and owner, and you can start accepting online payments almost immediately.

How do I link online payment methods to my website?

To offer online payment methods such as iDeal, Visa, PayPal and Klarna in your website, you need a Payment Service Provider such as Buckaroo. Create a free account with Buckaroo, install our plugin in your website and you are ready to go!

How long will it take to receive my first payments?

If you do not sell high-risk products, you can receive payments immediately after you have created an account and linked the plugin. There are some payment methods, such as credit cards, that require additional investigation before you can process them.

If you fall within a high-risk category, investigations will have to be carried out by our specialists before you are allowed to process payments. This investigation usually takes 2 working days.

Why did Buckaroo (Stichting Derdengelden) debit money?

Buckaroo is a payment service provider and processes payments for all kinds of businesses. Buckaroo will never debit money itself, this is only done on behalf of a third party. 

If you disagree with a debit, you should contact the party that made the debit. Sometimes the name is not indicated on the debit. For that, use this tool to find out which company has debited money from you.

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