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Pay securely and easily with Visa Debit, the successor to V PAY

Visa Debit is Visa's payment card. This debit card allows consumers across Europe to make easy and secure payments both online and offline. Visa Debit cards use the extra layer of security, Verified by Visa, which ensures payment security. As with Maestro, Mastercard's debit card, V PAY payments are guaranteed payments. This gives you extra security and makes V PAY the ideal payment method to offer to customers.

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Advantages of Visa Debit

  • Visa Debit is a guaranteed payment method
  • The debit card of well-known Visa Europe
  • Secure thanks to Verified by Visa
  • Millions of users within Europe

How does it work?

  1. After the payer has chosen Visa Debit, they will be asked to enter the card details, card number and expiry date.

  2. An identifier is used to generate a unique transaction code that the payer must enter.

  3. The payer can then securely confirm the transaction. At the same time, an initial balance check is carried out. If the balance is sufficient, the transaction will be completed successfully.

A Visa Debit payment is similar to the credit card payment process. The only difference is that the payer has to hold a balance on the debit card.

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