Visa Electron - Visa’s debit card

Safe and easy online payment

What is Visa Electron?

Over 394 million users can pay with Visa Electron worldwide. As a payment method, Visa Electron is a well-known card in: Spain, most West-European countries, Latin Amercia, the Asia/Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. Thanks to several built-in securinety features that send notifications when too much money is being spent, this debit card is particularly popular amongst students, start-up companies and consumers with a limited budget.


Visa Electron has a major distinctive feature compared to other Visa debit cards. At Visa Electron, the balance on the linked bank should be sufficient to cover the payment. Negative balances are not allowed. With other Visa debit cards, consumers are allowed to make a payment that exceeds the available credit up to a specific limit.

How do you apply for Visa Electron?

The Visa Electron payment method is fully integrated in the Buckaroo Payment Engine. It is a plug & play link that can be implemented in your webstore within a few hours. Before you go live with Visa Electron, you have to complete the application process of the credit card company.  We will offer full support during this process so your webstore will be able to accept Visa Electron as soon as possible. As a merchant, you do not have to programme the link with Visa Electron by yourself or apply for your own security certificates.

Visa Electron checkout
Visa electron card

Advantages of Visa Electron

  • Over 394 million payers worldwide
  • Popular in Africa, Spain, Western Europe and Latin America
  • Easy refunds and credit notes
  • Negative balances are not allowed