V PAY - Visa’s debit card

Safe and easy online payment

What is V PAY?

V PAY is the SEPA debit card brand of Visa Europe. With this debit card, consumers throughout Europe are able to make safe and easy payments, online as well as offline. V Pay is issued by numerous foreign banks. It is integrated in the local existing debit card programmes  (debit card) of the participating banks. MasterCard debit card, V Pay payments are guaranteed payments that are irreversible by consumers. This offers you as an entrepreneur more security and makes it an ideal payment method to offer your customers. Safety is of the utmost importance while choosing which online payment methods to offer. Just like Visa, V Pay uses the security protocol Verified by Visa. This offers extra security for payments made with this payment method.

How does V Pay work?

  1. After the payer has selected V Pay as a payment method, he or she has to submit card details, card number and expiry date.
  2. By means of an identifier, a unique transaction code can be generated and submitted.
  3. Finally, the transaction can be safely approved by the consumer. First the bank balance is monitored. The transaction is completed if the balance is sufficient.

The method of payment is similar to the credit card, with the difference that the payer has to add credit to the card.

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Advantages of V Pay

  • V Pay is a guaranteed payment method
  • Visa Europe’s debit card brand
  • Safe thanks to Verified by Visa
  • Millions of users within Europe (already 10 million in Germany alone)