SEPA Credit Transfer

Safe international transfers

What is SEPA Credit Transfer?

SEPA Credit Transfer, also known as transfer or bank transfer, is a trusted payment method with which national as wel as international online payments can be made. With the SEPA Credit Transfer, money can be transferred all over Europe between euro accounts safely and easily, within a short period of time.

How does SEPA Credit Transfer work?

Thanks to the SEPA Credit Transfer, customers throughout Europe can order and pay easily. After placing the order, the consumer receives an email with all relevant (payment) details, such as the IBAN bank account number to which the money should be transferred. With Buckaroo’s solution, you can customize this email in your own branding, adding your own logo and content. Your customer will recognise your branding, which stimulates quick payment.

SEPA Credit Transfer
SEPA Credit Transfer

Advantages of SEPA Credit Transfer

  • Safely process transfers from all over Europe
  • No payment delay with regard to foreign Credit Transfers
  • Guaranteed payment method
  • Reach a huge international customer group in one go

Safe and reliable SEPA Credit Transfer

For you as an entrepreneur, SEPA Credit Transfer is a very safe payment method because it is a guaranteed payment method. This means that your customer cannot reverse the transaction. Unlike realtime payment methods like iDEAL (the customers pays directly), a SEPA Credit Transfer has to be approved first. This depends on the customer’s time of payment.


Buckaroo can process transfers on behalf of merchants both within Europe (SEPA countries) and outside Europe. Of course this is possible in Euro and also in a few other currencies: GBP, USD, SEK, NOK, DKK and PLN.


Buckaroo has local bank accounts in most Western European countries for transfers. An advantage of this is that it appears to the payer to be a domestic transfer when money is transferred to a bank account in their own country. This often creates more confidence.


Buckaroo has local account numbers in the following countries.