Cartes Bancaires

Safe and easy online payment

What is Cartes Bancaires?

If you’re planning to expand your ecommerce activities to France and you want your French customers to make safe payments, then Cartes Bancaires is the perfect payment method. It is a local French credit card of Visa Card.


The Cartes Bancaires network uses a closed French infrastructure that is administered and monitored by GIE Cartes Bancaires. This structure differs from those in many other countries, where credit card transactions are handled through the international Visa and MasterCard networks.

How does Cartes Bancaires work?

Cartes Bancaires enables credit card payments as well as debit card payments. The payment process is similar to those of other credit card payment methods. In our Payment Plaza, the merchant is able to refund the payment amount (partly or completely) to the payer’s card. Thanks to 3-D Secure, Cartes Bancaires offers additional safety. 

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Cartes Bancaires

Advantages of Cartes Bancaires

  • International payment method with global reach 
  • Visa’s French branded credit card
  • Payment screens are multilingual
  • Additional safety checks thanks to 3-D Secure