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From 1 May 2024, we will replace ABN AMRO as your trusted partner for debit card payments. On this page you will find the answers to all frequently asked questions regarding the migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference in Bank statements from ABN AMRO to Buckaroo

What happens to my current Payment terminals?

Your current Payment terminals will continue to function as you are used to. Internally we are switching transaction processing from ABN AMRO to Buckaroo. You will not notice this change on your Payment terminal.

What do I need to do to convert the transaction service?

The switch does not require any action on your part and will in no way affect the operation of your current Payment terminals. We ensure that the Buckaroo connection numbers are linked to the Terminal IDs of your Payment terminals. 

Why do my terminals have different Terminal IDs?

This has to do with the way communication runs from the Payment terminal to the processor to process the transactions. Buckaroo's transaction processing uses the CTAP protocol and therefore uses the CCV-CTAP IDs to identify the terminals.

Which firewall ports should I open?

For the migration, the terminals were converted from Equens Worldline to CCV. A merchant may have set up a firewall that only allows EW. In such a case, the merchant's firewall must be adjusted with the following IP data in order to communicate with CCV for transaction processing.

For public internet:
IP range to
Port 10000

For PoIP:
Port 10001

What do the new IDs and terms mean?

  • Terminal IDs change:
    By using the CTAP protocol, terminals receive new identifications. A CCV CTAP ID consists of two letters followed by six numbers.


    Buckaroo Merchant ID:
    Your unique identification number at Buckaroo. A Buckaroo Merchant ID always starts with m_.


    Buckaroo Store ID:
    A specific identification number for each of your branches. A Buckaroo Store ID always starts with s_.

Can I still return payments?

Yes, after the migration you can still return payments. If return payment terminal transactions are activated, the return payment terminal transactions are always processed at merchant level, so that they can be offset against your regular turnover.

How can I buy and/or connect a new terminal?

You can order a new terminal or activate a transaction service for an existing terminal from another supplier via the My Buckaroo portal.

Which Payment terminals does Buckaroo offer?

Buckaroo offers a range of mobile and fixed payment terminals. These are offered on a purchase, lease or short-term rental basis.

You can find an overview of our payment terminals here.

How is my personal and company data protected?

As a payment institution under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), we apply the highest security standards to protect your personal and company data. We apply multiple layers of technical security measures, including end-to-end encryption for data transmissions, strong authentication protocols, and advanced firewall and intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, we conduct regular penetration tests and security audits in accordance with the requirements of DNB and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data protection policy is designed to comply with both national and international regulations, where we are committed to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your information.

What should I do if the activation code to confirm my email address does not work?

Contact Buckaroo. Our team is ready to assist you via abnamro@buckaroo.nl or 088 42 62 777.


How often and when will my turnover be paid out?

Your turnover is paid out daily before 13.30, also in the weekend.

To which account is the turnover paid?

Your turnover is transferred to the same ABN AMRO business bank account as before, via Buckaroo's third-party bank account.

Will the turnover be credited to my business checking account in the same way as always?

Payments are paid out as a total amount instead of per brand (e.g. Maestro, V PAY, Debit Mastercard, Visa Debit), which ensures improves your administration.

Are the credits the same as before?

Nee, door de nieuwe verwerkingsmethode zullen de bijschrijvingen er als volgt uitzien:

  • Type: From "SEPA PIN PAYMENT" to "SEPA Transfer". 
  • Contra account: Now Buckaroo's third-party account. 
  • IBAN: NL89ABNA0243144881
  • Description: The description uses new references where contract, branch ID, or terminal ID used to be

How does the description for a transfer look like?

The description of a payout contains the following information: 

  • 'AFREK.' to indicate that it concerns the settlement of
  • Level of payment – 'CONTRACT' or 'FILIAAL' or 'BETAALAUTOMAAT'
  • 'REFNR.' reference number
  • Reference number: depending on whether your turnover is paid out per contract, branch, or PIN device, the reference is your Buckaroo Merchant ID, Store ID, or Terminal ID respectively.
  • 'DAT.'date
  • Date of the transaction in YYYYMMDD format
  • 'AANT' quantity
  • The number of transactions in the credit
  • 'MREF.' Merchant reference
  • The merchant name
Bankafschrift Verschillen V06

From which account number (IBAN) will I be paid?


Creditcard acceptance

What does the 'Honor All Cards Rule' entail?

The 'Honor All Cards Rule' is a rule of the payment networks Mastercard and Visa. This rule means that merchants who choose to accept their debit cards are automatically required to accept their credit cards and other card types, also known as 'Full Acceptance'. The aim of this is to ensure that cardholders can make payments anywhere with any type of card from these networks. 

Can I decide which credit cards I accept?

Based on EU laws and regulations, you may exclude credit cards issued within the “European Economic Area” (the EU and some neighboring countries). This is called 'Limited Acceptance'. 

How do I activate Limited Acceptance for my Payment device?

If you wish to activate Limited Acceptance, please contact abnamro@buckaroo.nl. If you have a terminal through another vendor, contact that vendor for the appropriate settings.

What are the costs of credit card payments?

There are no fixed subscription fees for accepting credit card payments. You only pay for the transactions that take place. 

The fee for processing credit card transactions is calculated as a fixed percentage of the transaction amount, with this percentage depending on the type of card. 

  • Mastercard/Visa (Consumer) and AMEX: 1.35%
  • Mastercard/Visa (Business): 2.30%

American Express (AMEX) cards have a different (higher) rate that automatically applies as soon as your annual turnover from AMEX transactions exceeds €100,000. 

What do I need to do to accept credit cards?

If you don't currently accept credit cards, you don't need to do anything. With the conversion of your existing terminals, Visa and Mastercard are automatically activated. 

If you already accept credit card payments, your existing contract will remain in force. You can switch to Buckaroo for the processing of credit card payments. In that case, enter our connection numbers on your PIN devices to activate our attractive rates: 

  • Buckaroo Visa/Mastercard MID: 3732071002
  • Buckaroo AMEX MID: 8129117636

What are the benefits of all transactions via Buckaroo?

You have a comprehensive overview of all transaction data via My Buckaroo and will receive the payments of your turnover faster.


Are costs deducted when paying out turnover?

No, your entire turnover is transferred daily without deductions. 

When are the transaction costs invoiced?

The transaction costs are charged monthly by Buckaroo and are visible in My Buckaroo. 

Is VAT added to Buckaroo invoices?

Yes, Buckaroo charges VAT on all invoices issued. This includes not only the standard costs, but also the transaction costs and costs for any added services. The charge of VAT applies to all customer groups, including those organizations such as foundations, which are normally exempt from VAT. 

Other questions

How can I contact Buckaroo?

Our team is ready to assist you via abnamro@buckaroo.nl or 088 42 62 777.

Who can I contact if my payment terminal is not working?

You can contact Buckaroo. If the problem is caused by your payment terminal, you can ask questions via the details below, depending on your supplier:

Tokheim: 088 1471500
CCV: 088 2289849
Worldline: (YOXIMO, YOMANI, MOVE5000, DESK5000) 0900 2265797
Worldline: (Saturn 1000F2, Link/2500, Tap on Mobile) 088 3855001
Ingenico: 023 799 3073 / support.nl@ingenico.com