Direct debit – casual or periodic

Collect payment safe and easy.

About direct debit

Of all countries, direct debit is most popular in the Netherlands. And for good reason: it’s convenient not having to think about each payment.


Buckaroo is the smart link between vendor and bank. We aim to make direct debit as safe and easy as possible. By using specific customer and payment data, we can put your payment order in the desired output format, so the bank can process the direct debit request.

Direct debit: an efficient payment method

Direct debit can be casual or periodic. You do no longer have to worry when of if your customer will make a payment. You are in charge of the time direct debit will take place. Thus, you can manage your debtor balance.


Direct debit is mostly used for periodic payments. Think of ecommerce, but also insurances, gas and electricity, memberships, installment payment and subscriptions.

The advantages of direct debit with Buckaroo

  • Combine with digital direct debit authorisation.

    With direct debit, you set up a payment arrangement with your customer. Do you want legal authorisation that enables you to collect payment from your customer’s bank account? You can easily do so by using digital direct debit authorisation, or e-mandate

  • All transactions in one overview.
    All transactions can be found in the Payment Plaza. The successful transactions, but also the failed direct debits or reversals. Buckaroo easily connects with your accounting.
  • Automatic follow-up of failed collections.
    Direct debit is often combined with our Credit Management solution. Failed direct debits are thus automatically followed up with a re-collection or alternative payment request.