Our rates for Payment terminals

When you purchase a Payment terminal from Buckaroo, you will be charged transaction fees in addition to your subscription. Depending on usage, you can take out a transaction bundle. You pay the same amount per transaction within the bundle as outside of the bundle. Because of this, we recommend choosing a bundle you are sure to exceed.

Not sure yet exactly how many transactions you will receive? No problem. You can adjust the bundle up and down each month.

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Pinautomaat Tarieven SEPAY - Buckaroo | Betaalautomaten

Transaction rates

Description Cost per Transaction
Debit transaction € 0.08
Refund transaction (debet) € 0.12
Visa/Mastercard Consumer 1.35%
Visa/Mastercard Business 2.30%
American Express 1.35%

*If your American Express sales exceed €100,000 per year, a rate of 2.30% applies to all sales in excess of €100,000.

Our subscription includes:

  • Service and support
    With Buckaroo, you can count on excellent service and support. Our team is always ready to help you if you have any questions or problems.

  • Revenue transferred free of charge every working day
    Every working day, we transfer your revenue at around 10:00, at no extra charge.

  • Software maintenance on your device

    To ensure that your terminal always works optimally, we provide the payment terminals with regular software maintenance and updates.

  • Transaction processing
    Buckaroo ensures fast and secure processing of your transactions, so you can continue to do business worry-free.

  • Next-business day replacement
    In the event of a faulty payment terminal, we offer an exchange guarantee. So you can get on with your payments again quickly.