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SEPAY Smart Plus: the versatile card terminal for your business

Are you looking for a feature-rich card terminal? Then meet the SEPAY Smart Plus. This Android-based card terminal, which prints physical receipts, can connect to both KPN's 4G network and to your own Wi-Fi.

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  • Start taking cards immediately upon receipt
  • Very compact format
  • No smartphone required
SEPAY Smart Plus - The all-rounder - Mobile payment terminal| Buckaroo

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Benefits of the SEPAY Smart Plus

  • Very low monthly fees: you get maximum performance for minimal investment.

  • Delivered within 24 hours: you won't have to wait around to get started.

  • Supports contactless payment: your customers can choose how they wish to pay.

  • Thermal receipt printer: receipts are printed immediately, allowing seamless processing at the point of sale.

  • SIM card and data plan included: the SEPAY Smart Plus comes with its own SIM card, so the card terminal can be used throughout the EU.

  • Wi-Fi and 4G connection: you can connect anytime, anywhere.

  • Connection
  • Checkout Connection
  • Contactless Payment
  • Reverse payments
  • Battery life
  • Receipt printer
  • Purchase
  • Subscription - monthly
  • Lease - 1 year
  • Lease - 3 years
  • Lease - 5 years
  • Registration fee
  • One day
  • Weekend- or holiday
  • Weekend
  • Week
  • Month
  • Three Months
Buck Smart Plus Staand

Buck Smart Plus

  • Connection 4G + Wifi
  • Checkout Connection
  • Contactless Payment
  • Reverse payments
  • Battery life 36-72 hours
  • Receipt printer
  • Purchase € 445,00
  • Subscription - monthly € 17,30
  • Lease - 1 year € 39,80
  • Lease - 3 years € 31,10
  • Lease - 5 years € 26,10
  • Registration fee € 58,00
  • One day € 19,25
  • Weekend- or holiday € 24,75
  • Weekend € 44,00
  • Week € 67,40
  • Month € 144,40
  • Three Months € 288,75

Ready to purchase a SEPAY Smart Plus?

  • Purchase for just €445,00
  • Includes 1-year contract
  • 30-day trial
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Prefer to lease a SEPAY Smart Plus?

  • Lease from €26.10 a month
  • Flexible contract term
  • No hassle
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Prefer to rent the SEPAY Smart Plus

  • Rent from €19.25 a day
  • Rent by the day, week or month
  • Fully Plug & Play
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More than just taking cards

The SEPAY Smart Plus is more than just a card terminal. It is a dependable device designed to help your business grow more efficient. Rich in features and easy to use, the card terminal is the perfect solution for business owners who want to do more than just accept payments. Choose the SEPAY Smart Plus today and discover the convenience and reliability of this card terminal for yourself.

SEPAY Smart Plus - Android | Mobile payment terminal - Buckaroo

Frequently Asked Questions

Zit ik standaard vast aan een jaarabonnement?

Zodra u een terminal aanschaft via Buckaroo gaat u standaard een jaarabonnement aan. Na afloop van het jaar kunt u het abonnement maandelijks stopzetten. Heeft u de terminal voor een kortere periode nodig? Dan is onze huurconstructie wellicht een betere optie voor u.

Why should I purchase a payment terminal rather than leasing?

When you purchase a payment terminal, besides the purchase price, you are guaranteed the lowest possible monthly rates SEPAY can offer. The card terminal also belongs to you entirely, unlike with our leasing plan.

How can I exchange my current SEPAY payment terminal for a new one?

We allow any customer in the final year of their contract to choose to switch to a new card terminal or another version. We waive the initial registration fee of €54.00 for this if the agreement is set up with SEPAY by Buckaroo and transactions are not processed via third parties.

How long is the warranty on these payment terminals?

Our terminals don't have a warranty period as such. As long as you are a customer of SEPAY by Buckaroo, we will ensure that you have a working payment terminal.

How can I view my daily takings on a SEPAY Smart?

Interim reporting (without reset): Buckaroo models

  • Press the MENU button.
  • Key in '4' for Reports.
  • Key in '1' X-Totals
  • Choose between '1' Compact or '2' Extended
  • Your report will now be printed

(Day) closing (with reset) Buckaroo models

  • Press the MENU button.
  • Enter '4' for Reports
  • Key in '2' Z-Totals
  • Choose between '1' Compact or '2' Advanced
  • Your report will now be printed

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